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Automatic tension control system, STC-858A tension controller

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Automatic tension control system, STC-858A tension controller

STC858A tension controller is a full digital tension controller with high precision and multi-function which to match up tension detector to form a closed-loop tension controller system an then receives the signal from LS series tension detector after intelligent PID operation processing internally, regulating implementing structure and to auto matically control the tension of the long material at the unwinder, feed reel, and winder.

STC858A tension controller uses a new graphical LCD display which Chinese and English display clearer and then generates a control voltage of 0 to 24V DC to control the powder clutch/brake and the hysteresis clutch/brake, or generates the torque command voltage of 0 to 10V to send to the servo amplifier.

Automatic tension control system, STC-858A tension controller (2).jpgAutomatic tension control system, STC-858A tension controller (1).jpg


Gsimple raphical LCD display 128x96 with the capability of dispaly Chines and English characters, it has programming and easy to operate.

Multi-function select: automatic tension controller with taper tension controlling function.

Using high precision D/A converter, and the output precision reach to 0.1%, and which makes the tension controller with high precision, more stable and reliable.

Can drive the powder clutch/brake directly, also can control frequency converters, servo motor and electro-pneumatic converter.

Can receive the single-way or double-wayinput signal from tension detector and with automatic zero set and automatic calibration.

With  Dual axis switching and speed up/slow down controlling function。

With password settings function which can avoid changing set parameter when it operated incorrectly.

With memory cassette which can backup various parameter.

With human interface design which is very easy to operation.

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