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Dongguan Factory Supply Low MOQ Ultrasonic Edge Sensor US-400S with High Quality

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 Dongguan Factory Supply  Low MOQ Ultrasonic Edge Sensor with High Quality


Ultrasonic edge sensor outline:


US-400S Ultrasonic sensor applies the principle of high frequency ultrasonic linear transmission to detect the edge of the material, comparing to photoelectric sensor, it will not be affected by the transparency of the materials. Thus it is very convenient and no need to adjust. It is suitable for edge application of opaque material (such as plastic film, paper etc… and transparent material, such as cloth, but not for non-woven fabrics.).


Ultrasonic edge sensor feature:


1. Support analogue /on-off output, can match with EPC-A10 web guiding controller to use;

2. Suitable for edge-tracking application of opaque, transparent and ultra-transparent film and line-tracking

    ultra-transparent thin film;

3. No need adjustment and calibration manually;

4. 200K ultrasonic correlation;

5. 0.05 mS response time;

6. Detecting range: 6 mm,  detecting precision: 0.05 mm;

7. With own offset display.


Ultrasonic edge sensor data:

Tracking method: Edge tracking

Power input: DC12V

Signal output: 0~5V / two way switch signal

Detecting range: 6mm (±3.0mm)

Detecting precision: ± 0.05mm

Detecting method: Ultrasonic correlation

Carrier frequency/ respond frequency: 100KHz/1KHz

Housing: Zinc Die-casting

Protection level: IP54

Weight: 0.6kg

US-400S Dimention.jpg


Application material for Ultrasonic edge sensor

Transparent film 

Non-transparent film



Metal piece


Cloth/breathable material×

US-400S (8).jpg

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