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Semi-automatic tension control system, STC-858B tension controller

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Semi-automatic tension control system, STC-858B tension controller

STC858B tension controller is a full digital tension controller with high precision and multi-function which to match up  tension detector to form a closed-loop tension controller system an then receives the signal from LS series tension detector after intelligent PID operation processing  internally, regulating implementing structure and to auto  matically control the tension of the long material at the unwinder, feed reel, and winder.

STC858B tension controller uses a new graphical LCD display which Chinese and English display clearer and  then generates a control voltage of 0 to 24V DC to control the powder clutch/brake and the hysteresis clutch/brake, or generates the torque command voltage of 0 to 10V to send to the servo amplifier.

Semi-automatic tension control system (2).jpg

Semi-automatic tension control system (1).jpgSemi-automatic tension control system (3).jpg


Using 32-bit high speed CPU, Graphical LCD display, with human interface design which is very easy to operation.

Support thickness accumulation (need one proximity switch or encoder, need input thickness of material)

Speed ratio method (need two proximity switch or encoder, no need input thickness of the material)

Supports ultrasonic detectors (no settings are required after calibration of the detector)Two reel exchange.

Double 24V/4A input, can directly drive two brake/clutch

Can output 0-10V, 4-20mA drive inverter/servo motor.

Easy installation and commissioning, the tension calibration process is simple.

Support standard Modbus communication protocol, all parameters are open, and it is very convenient to connect PLC/touch screen.

Parameters protection by password, avoid inadvertent modification

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