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Powder Clutch and Brake Application

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Powder Clutch and Brake Application


Due to the feature of the magnetic powder clutch and brake, they have been widely used in paper making, printing, plastic items, rubber industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing, wire and cable, metallurgy industry and tension control of winding and unwinding in roll material processing industry. A complete set of schematic of tension control system is as follows.



The magnetic powder clutch can be also used in buffering start, overload protection, speed adjustment; the magnetic brake can also be used in test loading and braking of transmission machinery.


Design reference

First, let us learn the meaning of the following words:

1. Slip rotational speed: the speed difference between input shaft and output shaft is magnetic powder clutch, the rotational speed of output shaft for magnetic powder brake.

2. Slip powder: the powder generated from the slip rotational speed when the magnetic powder clutch or brake transfer torque.

The selection of the magnetic powder clutch or brake rely on the maximum required torque and rotational speed. Because the temperature of all parts will rise when the slip power is converted into heat, it is guaranteed that the actual slip power is less than the rated value.

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