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Dongguan SUNRISE New Design Cheap Magnetic Powder Clutch PCO series

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • dongguan magnetic powder clutch for tension control system
  • printing machine magnetic powder brake and clutch
  • web guide control system powder clutch POC series
  • high quality powder clutch for slitting machine cutting
  • powder brake and clutch from Sunrise manufacturer

Product Details

Function: Printing Machine Magnetic Clutch Powder Brake for tension controller PCO series

Brand: Sunrise Group/ None

Item No.: PCO-006, PCO-015, PCO-025 ...

Material: Steel ...

Usage: Maintain, connecton, disconnection, buffer start, tension control, torque limit, overload protection etc.

Basic Parameter:

Rated torque[kgf-m] (N-m): 0.6(6)~40(400)

Capacity (DC24V) at 75℃

Current(A): 0.9~3.0

Power(W): 17.8~82 

No. of hours set (S): 0.10~0.4

Weight(kg): 2.7~406

Maximum speed (r/min): 1800        

 Weight of powder (g): 14~370 

Price: US $180/pc

MOQ: 1pc

Payment term: T/T, Western union

Delivery term: EXW

Validity: 10 days

Lead time: 5-7 days


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