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Good Quality Paper Production Machinery use 6Nm Powder Clutch PC series

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Rated Torque Powder Clutch / Good Quality Powder Clutch PC-006 / Paper Production Machinery Powder Clutch

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Composed of drive unit (input shaft) and driven unit (output shaft)
  • The magnetic powder clutch shall be used in the normal installation state with the high-speed rotating end as the input end
  • The limit temperature is 90 ℃
  • Could be used in rewinding and unwinding
  • In the continuous operation such as tension control, the torque characteristic is stable

Product Details


Good Quality Paper Production Machinery use 6Nm Powder Clutch PC series


PC magnetic powder clutch work principle: 


Magnetic particle clutch/ brake is a type of auto-control component with high-performance which uses driving and driven units as main body, powder (magnetic powder) with high magnetic conductivity as working medium and exciting current as control means so as to achieve control transfer/braking torque and to keep the linear relationship between input current and output torque. With the development of the modern industry, it plays an increasingly important role in all industrial fields and demonstrates great advantages over other components


The products are widely used in winding and unwinding starting/braking control, stamping startup, overload protection, position control, speed control, tension control, artificial load and relevant fast control systems.

Product characteristics:

Extensive high precision torque control

The relationship between exciting current and transmitting torque is approximately in a certain proportion. The tension controller can meet the requirements of various industries: connection, speed change, braking, cutting off, positioning, continuous sliding, buffer starting, torque limitation, load prevention and precise tension control.

Constant torque, fast response

The imported superalloy magnetic powder with excellent heat resistance is adopted, with constant output torque, fast response speed and high frequency operation.

Quiet & stable operation

Use high temperature resistant coil and special grease bearing, running smoothly, no impact, no vibration, no noise.

Novel design, good heat dissipation and long service life

Uniform thermal deformation cooling structure and excellent heat dissipation design, low temperature rise, long service life

CE qualified magnetic powder clutch data:

Function: Printing Machine Magnetic Clutch Powder Brake for tension controller PC  


Brand: Sunrise Group/ None

Item No.: PC-006, PC-015, PC-025 ...

Material: Steel ...

Usage: Maintain, braking, buffer start, tension control, torque limit etc.

Basic Parameter:

Rated torque[kgf-m] (N-m): 0.3(3)~40(400)

Capacity (DC24V) at 75℃

Current(A): 0.53~3.5 

Power(W): 12.7~84 

No. of hours set (S): 0.08~0.4 

Weight(kg): 2.5~100 

Maximum speed (r/min): 1800        

Weight of powder (g): 7.5~370 

Price: US $150/pc

MOQ: 1pc

Payment term: T/T, Western union

Delivery term: EXW

Validity: 10 days

Lead time: 5-7 days


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