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Slitting Machine use Semi-autonatic Tension Controller STC-858B

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Product Details

Function: Semi-autonatic tension controller STC-858B


1) The menu function enables storage and reading of 4 types of operation data.

2) The optional memory cassette enables reading of operation data and writing of data in the other STC-858B tension controller.

3) The controller has a weak excitation function for the powder clutch/brake.

This function will improve the torque rising operation in low-speed operation mode or during the initial start-up of machine.

4) The controller automatically judges the polarity of the detector signal, therefore, wiring is performed with igoring the specification (compression or tension).

5) The dot matrix type inquid crystal diaplay is adopted for this controller, it has the capability of displaying Chinese characters.

Working condition:

Ambient temperature: 0~40℃

Environment humidity: 35~85% RH (no frost)

Non-corrosiveness, no flammable gas, no conductive dusr, dust free

Vibration: 10~50 Hz 0.55mm (Max. 4.9m/S²)

Groundingz: D type grounding (Forbid to connect with strong electric wires together)

Weight: Approx. 3.5kg

Price: $320/pc

MOQ: 1pc

Payment term: T/T, Western union

Delivery term: EXW

Validity: 10 days

Lead time: 3-7 days


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