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Web Guide Controller EPC-A10 for Edge Position System with sensor

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Web Guide Controller / Web Guiding Control System / Web Guide Controller with sensor

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • high quality web guide controller with contrast sensor
  • fast delivery web guide control system with OEM design
  • winding machine web guide controller with wholesale price
  • factory OEM web guide control system
  • unwinding machine use web guide control system

Product Details

Web Guide Controller EPC-A10 for Edge Position System with sensor


1. Support three operation modes: edge-tracking, line-tracking and center-alignment;

2. Support photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor and CCD sensor;

3. Detect the parameters of sensor smartly, no need to correct the     sensor under most circumstances;

4. Travel measure automatically, no need to limit the switch mechanically.

5. No overshot integral variable PI algorithm, high accuracy, fast reaction     and less error.

6. 0.5mS super high speed response

7. Analog sensor signal 12bit AD sampling, 700,000 times per second    for sampling;

8. Adopt FIR digital filter and return difference filter, with strong anti-interference capability and more stable signal;

9. DC servo motor to push the ball screw bar;

10. Power-off memory for all the parameters at any states in the system;

11. Store 10 groups of parameters from different material, convenient and efficient for switch materials;

12. Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese /English available;

13. Humanized operation, "one-touch"calibration fast, simple and convenient;

14. Support Modbus and PLC/Human-computer networking control.


Panel mounted/ Wall mounted/ Embedded mounted


Control method: DC servo driver

Power imput: DC 24V/ 5A

Control input: DC 0~5A

Control output: 24V, PWM

Response time: 0.5mS

Environment temperature: -10~60℃, below RH90%

Weight: Approx. 1.2kg

MOQ: 1pc

Payment term: T/T, Western union

Delivery term: EXW

Validity: 10 days

Lead time: 3-7 days


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