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Global Hot Sales High Quality Magnetic Powder Clutch POC series

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • factory wholesale powder clutch POC series for printing machine
  • machine fittings paper factory use powder clutch and brake
  • cheap powder clutch and brake unit for printing
  • fast delivery magnetic powder clutch POC
  • good quality with warranty magnetic powder clutch and brake

Product Details

Global Hot Sales High Quality SUNRISE Magnetic Powder Clutch

Magnetic powder clutch| brake features: 


1) Excitation current and transmitting torque are almost in proportion, also transmitting torque is controlled with wide ranges.

2) Regardless of slipped rmp, torque is excellently transmitted.

3) Torque by residual flux is very little and stopping stability is excellent.

4) It can operate with slipping state, for large capacity cooling with heat.

5) Take short repair time as it is dry-type, so can use it for long time without any adjustment.

6) It is friction clutch of based on the powder.



Magnetic Powder Clutch Fields of application:

Unwind brakes / winding

Torque controls

Torque limitations

Speed controls

Clutch proceedings

Start controls


Magnetic Powder Clutch Data:

Function: Printing Machine Magnetic Clutch Powder Brake for tension controller POC  


Brand: Sunrise Group/ None

Item No.: POC-006, POC-015, POC-025 ...

Material: Steel ...

Usage: Maintain, connecton, disconnection, buffer start, tension control, torque limit, overload protection etc.

Basic Parameter:

Rated torque[kgf-m] (N-m): 0.6(6)~20(200)

Capacity (DC24V) at 75℃

Current(A): 0.74~2.5 

Power(W): 17.8~60 

No. of hours set (S): 0.04~0.3 

Weight(kg): 2.7~53

Maximum speed (r/min): 1800        

 Weight of powder (g): 14~255 

Price: US $180/pc

MOQ: 1pc

Payment term: T/T, Western union

Delivery term: EXW

Validity: 10 days

Lead time: 5-7 days


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